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Let Go

A coffee table high above
Reaching up to stand tall
A milestone along life's road begins
I move on trying not to fall
I must now let go

Screw drivers and wenches
Training wheels to be put in the trash
You don't have to hold on and run next to me
I can do this on my own, but crash
Letting go hurts

Lunch box and new crayons in my hand
Mom will no longer be at my side
Climbing these red bricks steps to learn
I turn with tears in my eyes
So young to be letting go

Dolls now catch dust on the shelves
The bike now covered in a cobweb mode
Nervously backing the car out of the drive
Given the keys to find milestones along the road
Let's get going

Going from one hand to another
Dad with tears in his eyes
A transfer of stability
His little girl is now a bride
A husband to hold and not let go

Blessed with children
Mom is now my label
Watching them reach up
Oh so high is that coffee table
Gasping as they let go
Helping them stand tall
Always wanting to be there
To catch their every fall
Training wheels tossed in the trash
Trying to prevent the faithful crash
Handing over an old lunch box
You have long since kept
With tears inyour eyes
You watch them climb the steps
Packing away toys and handing over the keys
Letting go is not with ease
Tranfer of hands
Hoping you haven't let go so soon
Now I hold tight to you
And watch the setting moon
Letting go of the fast paced milestones

Now as I, lower you deep into the ground
For your return I gently place some dirt
On my own again
Why does it always have to hurt?
So many times that I have let go

Were they milestone or pebbles along the road?
I now place my cup on the table so low
So high in my youth
This table was there to teach me how to let go
One last time


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