distinguished Member of the International Society of Poets for the past ten years; I have been the recipient of numerous awards. Honored to have fourteen poems put on tape for the blind and have the “WOW Program” distribute my poem “Appreciation” to its members, has truly been such a rewarding experience. “Words on a Page” was released in August of 2003 and received the “Editors Choice” award at the ISP convention this past spring. This book has surpassed my first book of poetry “Let the Words Paint the Picture”, released in 1996, with one goal to touch one person, I never would have believed my work would have the impact it has. In 1995 the poem “My Blue Collar Man” received top awards and became the turning point in my writing. As with that poem and the poem “I Do”, that was my second released in Europe , my husband again stirred my sense. It only takes a few words.

Thanks to my two daughters and especially my husband of thirty years, the inspiration keeps coming and I can always count on the moral support when I reach a dead-end.As I suggest to my readers “Choose a title that strikes you and enjoy it. With each reading comes a different sensation.

A piece may lead you down a forgotten path and when it is enjoyed again you may see a different road ahead of you. Remember the interpretation is yours alone. We all hear and see things differently.”

Contact me for my latest brochure of the many poetry items I make for any occasion. Enjoy the imagery.