A syrupy aroma on the fresh breeze
Surged to the ajar shutter
Senses aroused to greet this new day
Gingerly place your toes to the cool linoleum
The body is electrified
As the flatten feet adjust to the change
Reaching the ruffled curtains,
They engulf you in a tender touch
You have been given another day to embrace
Sent forth to you sweet
But will it turn unsavory?
The light is touched with color and gay
Will darkness and sorrow break through?
Sounds of a calm melody toy with your ears
Will it turn deafening?
You carry the power to guide this day
If it becomes sour, are you the one at fault?
Will you fight to renew it?
Darkness you cannot tolerate
Force the calm melody to encircle your life
You have been given this day
The way it should be preserved
This will become today's obligation